The Six Minute Torah Class
 Study Class
The Six Minute Torah Class, What's That??

One on one session will give you a wealth of information in just a few minutes. The stop watch is set, the clock starts ticking, and the intense Six Minutes begin.......

Why Six Minutes?

In our busy lives it is so hard to find time to add another item to the to-do list, let alone study Torah. So the concept of Six Minute Torah class was born, who can refuse?

Statistically, the human brain has an attention span which is roughly six and a half minutes, so by playing it safe with a flat Six Minutes we are guaranteed to win.

What Do We Learn?

Any Torah subjects: From Aleph-Bet to Jewish Philosophy, from the Talmud to weekly Torah portion.

You choose the subject based on the field you desire to study and delve into.


On the phone, in your office, home, or any other setting of your choice where you would feel comfortable.


Six Minutes once a week.

How Do I Take part?

Contact Rabbi Zalman Grossbaum at (973) 251-0203 or email.