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New Model Beis Hamikdosh Craft Available

Have the children create a model of the

second Beis Hamikdosh within a half hour.

 Great project for:

·  Living Legacy

·  Youth programs

·  Hebrew school

·  Camps

If you are looking for a new educational program to offer to schools or for a creative and attractive new craft project for your camp, this kit is a must-have. The custom-made Model Beis Hamikdosh Craft allows the children to have a better understanding of the layout of the second Beis Hamikdosh. The finished product is guaranteed to find a lasting place in their home. 

(Information is available upon request on how to make this project a part an exciting Living Legacy educational presentation.)

We have had great feedback from educators and principles about this project.

Each set comes with the: 

·        Ezras Noshim

·         4 Chambers within the Ezras Noshim

·         Sanhedria Katanah

·         Azarah

·         Heichal

·         Mizbaiach

·         Kevesh

·         Lishkas Hagazis

·         Beis Hamoked

This has been designed in a way that the entire craft can be made at once or it can be made in two sessions.

The walls are pre scored, so it requires folding on the scores and using double sided tape to connect the walls and the different pieces to each other.

Limited quantity available. 

This is being made available to Shluchim at cost price for $2.00 per set.

Minimum order 50 pieces.

 If you have any questions or to place a order please e-mail or call (973) 251-0205. 


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